Becoming… Final artefact – Pt.1

Another theme prominent in Yoko Ono’s work is creativity and inspiration and especially, inspiring creativity. Her art book, Grapefruit, does just that; it is made up of conceptual art in the form of “instructional poems” such as:


Let people copy or photograph your paintings. Destroy the originals.

1964 Spring”

and it gave me an idea to start a project to document all the different things that inspire people.

To get responses, I posted this message on various social media platforms:


Hey guys! I need your help!

I’m doing a project for uni about inspiration and creativity and I would like you to share this post, tweet @ me or send me a message with something that inspires you!

It can be anything; vague, specific, music, a person, a place..

Your responses will be documented on a twitter account that will provide a live feed to this website, and will subsequently be featured in a video animation! The aim of this project, besides creating a live database of personal inspirations, is to help people find creative inspiration, escape from art block, writer’s block, etc. 

If you want to contribute anonymously or if you want to be credited with your full name rather than just your username, please let me know! 

I got quite a few responses and will soon be making the typographic video part of this outcome.


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